BP Oil Spill Claims and Appeals

Recent issues that have arisen out of the way the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) has been processing individual and business claims under the Economic and Property Damage Class Action Settlement Agreement has made it very difficult for those making legitimate BP oil spill claims and appeals. The latest decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to halt all claims and appeals processing under the settlement can spell disaster for many who have pinned their hopes on the compensation funds to get back on their feel.

The biggest hindrance to successful payouts to date is the motion filed by BP Plc challenging the hitherto unquestioned causation protocols of the Settlement. These protocols determine the extent to which the oil spill was responsible for economic losses both for individuals and businesses. Claims that have already been processed but not yet paid will have to wait until the investigation into the challenge is completed.

Just as approved claims have been delayed, the oil spill claim appeal process has likewise been suspended for denied claims. This can have serious consequences for legitimate claimants because the appeal process follows very strict timelines that can easily nullify any appeal even if the claim proves to be justified. Nearly four years down the road, a majority of the victims of the BP oil spill can still expect little relief in the near future. For many of them it is already too late as BP exerts tremendous efforts to go back on their stated intentions to make fair and just compensation. It is unfortunate that the fraudulent activities of a few should have so much impact on the fates of thousands of innocent victims. For those still hanging on to the hope of compensation, it is best to engage the services of a firm with extensive experience in dealing with this particular tragedy. Such a law firm would have a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of the claims and appeals process, and that would be the only way for a BP oil spill claim will have a positive outlook at this point.

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