For residential and commercial roofs, roofing contractors offer owners of residential units, offices and buildings a choice: a flat roof system; a sloped roof system; or a waterproofing system.

Unlike any other components of a building, the roof is the most susceptible to damage due to severe weathering, contraction, expansion, and human abuse. Heavy rain, hail, excessive heat, ice or snow buildup, damp conditions and not enough sun, buildup of leaves and other debris; and lack of maintenance and cleaning and just a few of the causes of roof damage. If not repaired as soon as the first signs of minor damage are detected, then what starts as minor annoyances can intensify over time and become major problems which would take longer and more costly repairs.

The most common roof problems complained about by customers include missing or damaged shingles, molds or algae growth, clogged gutters, roof vent damage, and leaks. But though it is definitely unwise to postpone repair of roof damage, many commit the error of delaying repairs, thinking that the problems (mentioned above) are not really causes of worry or trouble.

Where leaks are the problem, roof repair is the immediate, though temporary solution. Leaking roofs are refurbished at what are called “flashing conditions,” areas where the roof changes directions; 90% of all roof leaks originate from flashing conditions.

Because roof repair is more affordable for customers and will never interrupt their (home or business) activities, a good and trusted roofing contractor would openly recommend it to customers instead of roof replacement, which is not necessary as the roof is still possible and worth repairing.

Before starting any job or tying customers to any job contract, roofing contractors also usually first conduct a free commercial roofing analysis which is done by a certified forensic specialist for the purpose of surveying the overall condition of the roof. This roofing analysis aims to find out the age, dimensions, shingle type and slope of the roof, to enable the contractor to prepare a customized report on the current condition of the roof and its expected durability.