What exactly do you do if a truck hits you? This happens more than you might think. It’s a fairly common occurrence in America for a truck to cause an accident, and when trucks hit things, they tend to hit things hard.

Despite how common truck accidents are, finding fault is far harder since truckers are backed up not by just themselves and their own defenses, but by large, rich, and powerful corporations that make a point of squashing any major complaints against them.

So, if you’re in an accident with one, what do you do?

You hire a lawyer. That’s your best bet. Lawyers have the resources and knowhow to get around a lot of the smokescreens the truck corporations might throw up.

For instance, you might not have thought to go after a truck company for hiring bad drivers like the one who hit you, but a lawyer would know how to do it.

You might not think to check whether the truck had been properly maintained, but a lawyer can get access to those records and check for you.

If those records don’t exist, you might just give up, but a lawyer can use that against the trucking company and use that to help you and your case.

Lawyers, like Amerio Law, where I learned about much of this, know how to use the system against truckers instead of the other way around.

This is pretty important because taking on a trucking company is about like taking on a truck itself. You’re bound to be on the losing end of things, that’s what I’m saying.

Lawyers, though, they can find out about drunk driving history, mechanical malfunctions. They know how to look for driver error and how to press about wrongful death issues. All of that goes way beyond most of us, and being out of your depth on something like this is not what you want.

For instance, there are any number of ways you could end up losing not just a little sleep with a strained neck but actually lose everything if you aren’t careful. You could end up with medical bills, time off work (or loss of a job), massive car damage. You could even end up with a permanent health issue. And if you don’t know how to go after the trucker and the trucking company who did it, you may be on your own for all of that.

So, what do you do if a truck hits you? First, make sure you and all passengers are alright. Second, make sure the trucker is alright (because you’re not a monster). Then, find a lawyer. Get that done right away, so all those complications are covered and you don’t have anything to worry about but yourself.